JF Packaging Testing facility Sri Lanka

Keeping our Vision, Mission, Quality Policy and Food Safety Policy in mind, we design our packaging to suit the product requirements, presentation, and food safety requirements according to the customer needs both locally and internationally. The flexible packaging materials for food are manufactured according to the HACCP standards. All this is done in the most cost effective manner but, never compromising on quality as we are always committed to supplying flexible packaging beyond, our customer expectations.

We Provide:

  • Flexible Packaging

    Comprehensive packaging solutions in a state of the art standards based factory. Lamination and Printing, Bag/Pouch making; we possess state of the art machinery in all fields:
    Our products are designed to provide:
            -Moisture Barrier Properties
            -Excellent sealing strength / low seal initiation temperature
            -Crystal clear clarity
            -Oxygen Barrier Properties
            -High puncture resistance
            -Mechanical & optical properties
            -Reduced cost of packaging
    The materials that we use are: Polyamide (PA), Polyester (PET) Metalised, Holographic & Optical Density (OD) Polyester, Polypropylene - Cast(CPP) & Metalised Bi-auxiliary Polypropylene (BOPP) / Metalised BOPP / Holographic BOPP, and Polyethylene (PE) up to 5 layers.

    Some specialized machines we have are:

    • Rotogravure Printer
      JF Packaging Rotogravure Printer

      Our Rotogravure printer is a well crafted, eight color, wide width printing machine incorporated with world class process control equipment which can deliver the highest quality prints in the most productive and cost effective manner

    • Flexo Printer
      JF Packaging flexo printer

      Our Flexo printer is a well crafted, six color, wide width printing machine incorporated with world class process control equipment which can deliver the highest quality flexo prints in the most productive and cost effective manner

    • Laminating and Coating Machine
      JF Packaging laminator

      The Laminating and Coating machine is a state-of-the-art modular concept machine which has made us capable of providing a wide range of customized solutions such as:

      -Laminating with solvent less/based adhesives

      -Laminating with water based adhesives

      -Laminating with UV adhesives

      -Wax/hot melt coating

      -Laminating/lacquering for high coating weights

      -Water/solvent based lacquering

      -One color printing

      -Reprinting of one color in register

      -Cold seal in "register"

      -PVDC Lacquering


    • Multi-Layer Blown Film Co-Extruder Machine
      JF Packaging co-extruder

      Our Co-extruder is capable of producing excellent quality wide width films of thinner gauge, due to the incorporation of the latest technologies such as Oscillating Haul-off and advanced winding solutions. Our objective of supplying the market requirement of cost optimized films with improved properties has been met with the procurement of this machine.

    • Bag Making
      JF Packaging bag pouch making facility

      Our state of the art bag making facility has the capability to produce multiple forms of pouches. Which include:

      • - Centre seal pouches
      • - 4 side seal pouches
      • - 3 side seal pouches
      • - Standup pouches with gusset
      • - Standup gusseted pouch with zipper
      • - Spout pouches

  • Testing

    We follows strict quality assurance and control procedures. Our products are subjected to a thorough quality control program wherein each product undergoes stringent quality control tests at each level of production. Our laboratory facilities have sophisticated equipments designed specifically to conduct sample tests to ensure that we manufacture products to the quality standards required by our customers. We have a highly qualified Quality Assurance staff to perform Research and Development activities. The type of testing we perform are: The type of testing we perform are:
       -Tensile Strength
        -Co-efficient of friction
        -Dart impact,
        -Seal Strength
        -OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate)
        -MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
        -Gas Transmission Rate
        -Vacuum seal strength

    Independent testing services and external organizations are also involved in periodical quality audits as part of our elaborate testing procedures and the calibration of equipments

  • Designing

    We offer clients a comprehensive range of designing services, from product packaging and design to marketing and concept development services.It’s not just a design, it’s a strategy. Yes we do use state of the art design computers, but here again, it is our personnel, you work with. With their years of experience and training in the field of design and marketing. We seek to take your product to it’s maximum level Our competitive strength lies in our in-house product development specialists who are ready to work in partnership with you to create highly bespoke products that fully optimizes your resources and give you better financial returns. Our product development department is ready to work hand in hand with you to create your required product as it is, or better than what you have in mind.