Our Products

High Barrier Laminates

We produce 3 layer coextruded polymer films with high barrier properties to be used in mainly laminated packaging for both Food and Non Food segments at the ratio of 90:10. The total process of raw material ordering to the Customer feedback is subjected to a thorough process control and quality control procedure as per the conditions given in the ISO procedures. Our laboratories use sophisticated equipment for sample tests ensuring the products manufactured are beyond customer expectations. All plants are manned by a set of well trained, highly skilled, customer oriented personnel. We have packaging supply capability in both Reel and Pouch form. 

  • We deal in packaging for:
    • - Tea/ Coffee, Milk powder
    • - Meat and Fish Packaging
    • - Liquid Milk (Fresh and UHT)
    • - Snacks
    • - Confectionery
    • - Spices and condiments
    • - Soya products
    • - Cheese
    • - Sausages thermoform
    • - Fish vacuum packaging (MAP)
    • - Detergents and Personal care
  • Our products are designed to enhance:
    • - Moisture Barrier Properties
    • - Excellent sealing strength / low seal initiation temperature
    • - Good Clarity like crystal clear
    • - Oxygen Barrier Properties
    • - High puncture resistance to sharp edges
    • - Mechanical and optical properties
    • - Tensile Strength, Burst Resistance, Peel Strength
    • - Reduces cost of packaging
  • All the materials that we use are of food grade and approved suppliers according to international flexible packaging material specifications. They include:
    • - Nylon (Polyamide (PA))
    • - Polyester (PET) - Metalised, Holographic and High Optical Density (HOD) Polyester
    • - Polypropylene - Cast(CPP) & Metalised
    • - Bi-auxiliary Polypropylene (BOPP) / Metalised BOPP / Holographic BOPP
    • - Polyethylene (PE) up to 5 layers (7 in the future) using LDPE / LLDPE Granules

Pouches / Bags

This facility provides an option for servicing the needs of the customer in pouch form. Our pouching facility is well above the local industry capabilities.

  • We deal in Preformed Pouches / Bags for:
    • - Salt packaging
    • - Spice packaging
    • - Soya food nugget packaging
    • - Confectionery packaging
    • - Bulk bags of 25kg and 50kg for Tea and Milk powder
    • - Detergents
  • The configuration of Pouches / Bags made are:
    • - Centre seal pouches
    • - 4 side seal pouches
    • - 3 side seal pouches
    • - Standup pouches with gusset
    • - Standup pouch with zipper
    • - Spout pouches

Co-extruder Films

We possess an ultra-modern extrusion film making plant. These are 3 layer plants, which cater to all of our in-house requirements of barrier films for flexible packaging. The equipment utilizes modern process controls to produce high quality Polyethylene films manufactured under the narrow gauge variability, with a range of film requirements. We use only the best Polyethylene resins supplied by multinational petrochemical plants at our co-extrusion plant in order to offer the most comprehensive variety of films required by diverse packaging needs