About Us

"Our Company"

Founded in 1987, our company began as a family business established in a small town near Kandy by Mr Joseph De Fonseka with the initial aim of creating jobs for the residents of the area. Today, 27 years later, we are one of Sri Lanka’s premier packaging companies,with a work force of 110 people using cutting edge technology and a stringent adherence to the highest international standards of certification. These are the defining factors that gave us the edge: Our incredible TEAM of Qualified, Skilled, overseas trained and Motivated personnel, equipped and working with an ultra modern state of the art Factory, certified to run according the standards and documentation of ISO9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certification.

JF Packaging

"Our Vision"

"To serve the customers with Packaging Solutions beyond Expectations…"

"Our Mission"

  • - We believe to understand the intrinsic needs of packaging that a customer needs.
  • - We work with customers closely, providing continuous streams of innovative ideas at an optimum solution which endures.
  • - We believe in Ethics, values and work with sincerity and integrity towards our value addition process and in the process motivates and develop our stake holders.
  • - We consider our suppliers as partners using their expertise to offer the latest of solutions through using entire packaging ingredients in the supply chain.
  • - We treat the earth with respect and align ourselves to be environmentally friendly in what ever we do and “GO-GREEN” is our Motto.

"Focusing on Detail"

"Dedication and Commitment" is the DNA of our company. Every member of the Organization shares the unique genetic makeup of our company. This very singular trait that dictates every aspect of the company is responsible for the meteoric rise of the company, while overcoming tremendous challenges over the past decade to become synonymous with quality and reliability. Today JF Packaging (Pvt) Ltd is recognized as a customer- oriented solution provider in a highly competitive industry.

"Building lasting client partnerships"

We have always been on the long term of serving our clients and never on the short-term profits. Thus our client portfolio has grown from our very first clients to include many of the best in the food industry - notably Nestle, Prima, and Unilever. We have always delivered the best solutions, on time without compromising on quality and solutions that are finanacially feasible to our clients and to their customers.

Our in-house laboratory consists of a specialized equipment and a team of specialists who work independently and very closely with the clients to develop new solutions in keeping with new economic environment and industrial trends. They together with the R&D team work to provide the very best to the client. We always invest in top of the range flexible packaging processing machinery. Our new Plant equipped with state-of-the-art machinery bears witnesses to our commitment. With this new technology in place we are now a company poised to cater to the international food industry.

"Eco Friendly"

With the latest technology in place, JF Packaging (Pvt) Ltd has been an environmentally friendly Organization and committed to protect the nature and the environment in order to protect the planet earth for the future generations. Following are some of the arrangements made to protect our environment.

  • - A MOU is signed with HOLCIM for the environmentally friendly disposal of waste
  • - The Factory is equipped with an UPS protecting the products against voltage fluctuations, gauge variations and uncontrolled emission of fumes and waste to the environment due to unexpected power failures and power drops
  • - The Nordmaccanica solvent less laminator is operator friendly and environmental friendly
  • - All the installed printers function as environmental supportive
  • - Operators take extra precautionary measures to minimize the process material waste
  • - Minimizing startup time and planning longer production runs minimize power consumption
  • - The Management has stipulated and monitors the implementation of policies on the Quality Management, Food Safety Management, and Environmental management